Thursday, April 18, 2013

Faith in Space Age

...but deliver us from evil. Amen” prayed Commander James before popping his daily quota of Vitamin and nutrition pills recommended by ISRO. Flight Engineer Greta looks over and esquires “Commander, how come a man of science like you still  prays to a deity whose existence has never been proven” James smiles and replies “It’s a matter of Faith; my dear”

Greta replies “Commander, you are right now hurtling through space at over 22000 miles per hour towards a planet which has never been the home of Humans, It’s been proven that above Earth is the stars and below Earth's surface is molten lava, there’s no heaven or hell. So where might this GOD of yours reside?”

James looks out into the dark space sprinkled with light from distant stars smiles and replies “Greta, we know of 3 dimensions and 4 if we consider time too,  but science speaks of multiple dimensions, what if the Heaven the scriptures speak of are one of these higher dimensions? Science has documented many Near Death experience where people say they are drawn towards a bright light, might not the bright light they seen is the entrance to a higher dimension?“

Greta laughingly says “You are trying to fit science into your beliefs” James replies “Might be, or it can be that faith got there first and science is just finding out things now?”

Making a face Greta argues “Ok!! Let’s examine this God of yours. The Bible says that God made Adam & Eve, put them in a beautiful garden and made them masters of it with only one command that they may not eat the fruit from the apple tree growing in middle of the garden, Right?” James smiles understanding where this conversation is going replies “Yes, that’s correct.”

“Ok! Then James, answer me this” says Greta “If God is omnipresent and all-knowing as you believe, he would have already know that Adam & Eve is going to break his commandment, yet he forbid them, wouldn't it be smarter & easier to not put them in Eden in the first place.”

James smiles and replies “God allowed it to happen because he knew that it would give man a chance to learn about good from evil. It would give man a chance to come to earth and discover himself. In Eden, Adam & Eve didn’t know sadness or happiness, they did not know anything. Once they ate the fruit their eyes were opened, being thrown out from Eden made Man to learn how to survive on his own. God gave man free will, If man wills he can return back to Eden by making earth a paradise. God send his son, Jesus to show humanity the way.”

“Oh! James!! Even you can agree that’s a whole lot of crap you just said” teased Greta. James smiled and replied “Greta, you are a mom, right?” Greta nods her head Yes, while checking the instrumentation panel.

James continues “When you had Maggie with your husband, did you get a written guarantee that she will do everything you say? No right? But you had her anyway, because you loved your husband. Whenever Maggie does something which you explicitly told her not to, you punish her but you still love her right? Matter of fact, most parents knows that at some point along the way their children will not listen. Love takes risks.  And God the Father – He does not only create the children and creatures that will obey Him – He doesn’t have robots – He makes all of His creatures with a free will.  And that means He needs to take the risk that some will choose not to love Him and not to obey.”

“Man!! That was heady!! You are really stuck in faith right?” replies Greta with a shrug and continues “But James you got to give me this, Science has proved Drawin’s theory of Natural selection without a doubt, we have documented fossilized evidence that shows the process of every living thing on this planet evolving over millions of years from single-celled organisms, so at least the creation part of the bible is wrong”

James keeps silent observing the status of various sensors in the instrumentation panel and satisfied that everything is working fine he slowly turns to Greta and says “Greta, there’s a hundred chances to poke holes in the beliefs of others, But let me say this, I find it easier to go about my life believing that a higher purpose for my existence exists, That I was not born in that Blue Planet we just left behind by chance. Faith keeps me going on. Tomorrow we will be landing on the Red Planet, miles away from the nearest human civilization in a controlled descent by a computer built and programmed by humans. Yet! I have faith that good folks at ISRO have done the job well. I believe in them and their hard-work to keep me safe. In the same way I believe and trust in a God, who is miles or dimensions away is keeping a watch over me. It’s just Faith Greta. Faith!!”


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